Cat-tastic festival

Images credit: Heidi [email protected] Judging by the number of both living, breathing and usually sleeping cats and the artwork depicting cats, this Christmas’ Artists Open Houses is truly cat-tastic. Take a look: Venue 23, Oshun Oxtra at Blackwood Venue 33, Art Across The Line Venue 25,  Party Animals at Unlimited Venue 46,  The Stanley Road Store […]

Meet some of the makers

This year’s Artists Open House Christmas Festival includes 450 artists. When visiting the houses, make sure you take time to chat with the artists too to find out more about their work. You never know what you’ll find out. Here are some of the artists. Images credit: Heidi [email protected]     Venue 28 – Rhoda K […]

Venue 28 – Atelier 51

Atelier 51 has been part of AOH on and off in different venues for 20 years or more. This is their third exhibition in their current venue on Providence Place. The Atelier has four open studios, curated by four different people. When asked what they are most looking forward to during the festival, Jon Tutton […]

Geometric jewellery in venue 21

Christmas Boutique brings together a selection of work from local talent, ranging from prints and jewellery, to ceramics, and more. One of the artists exhibiting is a jeweller, Laila Smith. She designs and makes elegant geometric jewellery. Venue 21, Christmas Boutique Take a look below behind the scenes to find out how she creates:

Sunday in pictures – Weekend 1 of AOH Xmas 2016

Photo credit: Heidi [email protected] Venue 28,  ATELIER 51 Venue 46, The Stanley Road Store Venue 44, 99 Ditchling Rise Venue 45, Glass In Fusion Venue 27,  MADE (Make-Art-Drink-Eat) Venue 25, Party Animals at Unlimited Venue 23, Oshun Oxtra at Blackwood

AOH Venue 29 raises awareness of AIDS and HIV

When walking past the New Steine Gardens in Kemptown, you can see a cast bronze sculpture that depicts two intertwined figures, one male and one genderless, that soar up towards the sky. Many have seen it, but how many know the deeper meaning behind it? The sculpture is in fact an AIDS Memorial Sculpture by […]

No 40 – TheBigForest Emporium

From Brighton Blokes to Santa Bears, Michael from TheBigForest Emporium shares what visitors should be expecting in their house. “We call ourselves silly artist makers and we love making people smile and laugh when they see our work. We send our work all over the world. This year it has been featured in the Sunday Times Magazine […]

Oshun Oxtra – Christmas AOH2016

How many times have you exhibited at AOH? What advice would you give to others thinking about being part of AOH? We’ve done 5 AOH festivals and this Christmas will be our sixth. When we did our first open house, we did it with a view that we wouldn’t get many visitors and wouldn’t sell […]

Photography as Social Practice

Exhibition of radical photography at SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon Part of Brighton Photo Fringe. Opening October 1st 16:00-18:00 (including a opening speech by the Mayor Of Brighton, Pete West) Talks and workshops October 15th 16:00-18:00 Opens throughout October every Monday, Friday, Saturday 12:00-18:00 Socially engaging photography exhibit juxtaposing identity with global conflicts and […]

SEAS – Participants of May 2016 Festival

What attracted you to taking part in the Artist Open Houses festival and what were the major benefits  produced by taking part? I wanted opportunities for exposure to my new home-gallery. I also benefitted from media PR, new audiences and connections with other artists, the exposure to new audiences and the possibility to give talks […]

Landscape : Islands at Brighton Digital Festival 2016

An exploration in contemporary ceramics and sound Landscape : Islands presents a unique international residency programme bringing together ceramic and sound artists to collaborate in the making of new work in response to ‘landscape’, in partnership with Phoenix Brighton. The artists will be in residence at Phoenix Brighton and The Ceramic House throughout August and […]

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors …

Making an event the size and scale of Artists Open Houses happen twice a year could not happen with out these elements:  the massive talents of the artists and artisans involved, the hospitality of the open house hosts and the participation of sponsors from the business and arts community. ARCH angels is one of those […]

Feature House: The Dreamliner Arts Club – No Roadside Assistance Required

The Talbot Dreamliner Vogue:  icon of the camper van world.  At home in cozy campsites in forests or along hillsides, or traversing the country side or sitting happily at a festival or by the seaside.  And now – a new page can be added to the history of this giant of vacation lore:  art gallery […]

For the first time open house – Toby Mason (Colour Laine)

Preparation – the more you put in, the more you get out! Plan the space that you are going to use to exhibit – wall space, floor space, garden, etc. Think about “gallery” but also the space as your home – important to get the balance right. Cordon off areas that you don’t want visitors […]

It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

It’s been one crazy May in Brighton & Hove. Theatre, dance, music and art have invaded and invigorated the city. Sadly, it will soon be time to take down the bunting and the bright blue posters featuring Marion Brandis’ cheeky seagulls will disappear.  Don’t despair, there is still one more weekend to see some great […]

Go Beyond!

          This weekend why not take a trip out to the countryside to visit some of the great Artists Open Houses in homes just outside the city? Set off via Rottingdean to look at Casa Latina – #1 Rottingdean and Downs Trail – 9 Little Crescent, Rottingdean   This new house on the AOH […]

Week Two Round Up: Sunny Days!

Sunny days, warm weather – a perfect combination for wandering the Artists Open House this past weekend.  So many great houses to see and explore.  Here are just a few highlights from the Kemptown and Fiveways side of things.  It’s hard to see everything and even harder to pick just a few – both trails […]

And now a word from our sponsors

Making an event the size and scale of Artists Open Houses happen twice a year could not happen with out these elements:  the massive talents of the artists and artisans involved, the hospitality of the open house hosts and the participation of sponsors from the business and arts community. ARCH angels is one of those […]

Artists Open Houses Festival Weekend One Highlight

The weather cooperated for most of the bank holiday and made wandering around the first weekend of Artists Open Houses rather pleasant.  It’s just the start and with four weekends to go there is time to see a lot more.   Here are few highlights from the first weekend: ARCH Angels – # 12 Kemptown Trail – […]

Great Spaces

Grab a cup of tea and highlighter because it’s time for the 2016 AOH festival Brochure.  With close to 200 Houses listed this year and over 1000 participating artists, there is a lot to choose from.  Where do you start. Over the last remaining weeks before the start of the festival the AOH Blog will […]