17 Adelaide Crescent, Hove

“Sky rockets in the night, neon rainbows on the blink and a dawn chorus of raspberries by a series of candy-coloured clowns. Ewan McDougall’s amped-up paintings leave you in no doubt about where they’re coming from; they are saturated in the musical noise of mass culture, but the tune they’re playing is slightly off-key, rife with dissonance and dissent”.

Break on Through David Eggleton – Art New Zealand. No.108

“…his paintings are far more than a personal biography. They’re contemporary and timeless in what  they have to say about our desires and behaviours. McDougall’s art gets to the heart of such matters, revealing the joys, tragedies and paradoxes of the lives of the frantic and blissful figures inhabiting his paintings”

Sensual, tactile and loud Dr Warren Feeny – Art News, New Zealand. Spring 2016

Ewan McDougall shows vibrant oil impasto paintings, along with Man Alive a short film about the artist.

Also books and poetry by Sarah McDougall and a CD of original rock music by Will McDougall.


  • New Open House
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Bank Holiday Monday 1 May, Bank Holiday Monday 29 May11.00- 18.00
Up! 2017 oil impasto on canvas Ewan McDougall