This year Encounters presents the curated show Urban Sights. Twelve artists delight your senses through artistic encounters with the urban experience.

Digital artist Elizabeth Cemborain constructs synthetic landscapes from multiple images.
Photographer Beatriz Eggli combines features of cities into narrative montages.
Painter Garcia-Garcia explores quintessential structures and photographer Ricardo Jimenez muses on connections between city life and the natural world.
The musical soundscape of Andres Sanchez delves deep into the question ‘Is urbanity soulless?’
Painter Rafael Reveron explores construction and de-construction and Victoria Gomez provides insight into shapes that convey fragility and forcefulness.
Installation artist Miladys Parejos installation Emptiness explores a dichotomy between the current economic narrative vs. social/ political realities.
Annemette Beck shows how uniformity can be vanquished by purity of design.
Lise Moller brings artistic life to giant seaweed.
Marion Brandis brings her sculptural seagulls to enrich the native population.
Carlos Sanchez pays tribute to the environment with his jewellery work, Im-pact.


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