A Room With A View

Most of you will want to visit just to have a cuppa and look at the views. Please do!

I am using this AOH festival as a catalyst to give birth to various projects:

Bathroom – installation The Discusssion.

Studio – projects outlined:
Interview, art and festival project Human From Earth.
Illustrated kids book, guerilla art concept and new creative business.

Living Room Nothing For Sale.
This is my ‘headspace room’ – so I’m leaving it like that for you.

Bedroom Past Lives: exerts from my previous business North Laine Photography.

Limited visitor numbers, pre booking essential.
Please visit the website for details.





  • Refreshments
  • New Open House
Also open Fridays10.00-17.00
Directions: 'Embassy Court' is the Modernist block of flats opposite the 'Peace Statue' and 'Meeting Place Cafe' on the seafront. East of the i360 and The Bandstand. This event is via pre booking only. Details on our website: www.humanfromearth.com You will be sent access details upon booking. Thank you!'
Lucy's Breakfast (model:Martha B Bright) Nigel Swallow