Salon des Sources

 Jaq Buckeridge Vases
Carol Seatory Vase collages
Yolande Beer Figurative pots
Kate Hackett Mugs and jugs
Jenny Turtill Jewellery
Halinka Fairies and Animals
Sue Hurman Textiles
Susan Kennewell Aprons
Victor Stuart Graham Boat boxes
Sally Hoskins Button jewellery
Rosie Odette Jewels
Fiona Hutchinson Silver and gold jewels
Clare Harms Prints and cards
Handmadebyhippo Mosaics
Rowena Park Resin jewellery
Helen Yvonne Silk scarves
Helen Rankin Jewellery
Duncan Allan Paintings
Caroline Smith Jewellery and cards.
Jewelfloozy Ceramics
Paul Yarde Glass
Annabet Wyndham Jewellery

  • Garden open
  • Easy parking
  • Workshops/demonstrations
  • Card Payment Facility
11.00 - 18.00
Directions: At the 7 Dials roundabout go out on the Dyke Rd as if going away from town . Turn left at the 3rd junction and go along Highdown Rd. Turn right at the 3rd turning and you will be on Chanctonbury Rd. See you there. Ps. Free parking on Sunday's!
Chinese secret police vase Jaq Buckeridge