The Flamingo House

Best Open House Runner Up 2016!

The Flamingo House presents a must-see collection of prints, ceramics, jewellery, sculptures, paintings, textiles, cards and  exotic garden café.

Anni Axworthy Mixed media
Atelier Stella Ceramics
Charlie Doodle Prints
Gill Morgan Ceramics
Helen Lucas Ceramics
Kara Sanches Sculpture
Kunaka Stone Sculptures
Kathy Laird Ceramics
Mandalaman Prints
Mc Cready Bags Textiles
Penelope Kenny Prints
Pierre Bamin Paintings
Rosie Odette Jewellery
Soreh Levy Stoneware
Timothy Axworthy  Paintings
Wear thy  Jewellery
Viva Los Vegan Café

  • Refreshments
  • Garden open
  • Easy parking
  • Live music/performance
  • Workshops/demonstrations
  • Card Payment Facility
Monday 29th May
Insectaflora Penelope Kenny