The Open Studios

The Open Studios is a jewel in the chain of galleries and artisans’ showcases that run along Brighton and Hove’s coastline. It’s a palette of art where painters, sculptors, and illustrators mix with creators in ceramic, glass and all manner of mixes of media. Where artist work, talk and show together.

Come and see art that is inspiring in its originality and variety and maybe take some home. The Open Studios is an art place like no other that epitomises this city of creativity.

Jessica Sharville Illustration, printmaking
Philomena Clarke Paintings and crafts
Deb Bennett Painting, printing
Amanda Rosenstein Davidson Theatrical painting
Darren John Abstract art
Maz Glass and clay
Philip Sugg Puppet theatres
Noki Contemporary collage
Bethan Woollvin Children’s illustration
Phil Dobson Digital print
Trevor Loveday Storytelling
Louise Prentice Whimsical illustration
Val Macdonald Modern landscapes
John Dunn Contemporary glass
Tom Taylor Abstract painting

09.00 - 18:00
WeeklyBank Holiday Monday
Directions: 15 minute walk from the train station. Slap bang between the 2 piers on the seafront.
07805 954214