AOH Awards Shortlists

Best Open House Award- sponsored by Latest Homes and TV:
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Stanley Road Store
Art 83
The Dog Show

And the winner is: Encounters


AOH Brochure Cover 2019 Award- sponsored by Lawrence’s Art Supplies:
Fances Bloomfield
Jemma Day
Hannah Forward
Sophie Wake

And the winner is: Hannah Forward


Best Newcomer Award- sponsored by Sol Design Collective:
12 Scott Road
Ben Fearnside
JustLife Creative Studio

And the winner is: JustLife Creative Studio


Gemini Print Awards – sponsored by Gemini Print

Gemini Painting and Printmaking Award:
Cecil Rice
Sarah Jones
Patsy McArthur

And the winner is: Cecil Rice

Gemini Photography Award:
Gill Copeland
Philippa Stanton
Hannah O’Hara

And the winner is: Gill Copeland