Barry Haskins

untitled: betting shop 2018

Barry Haskins work is figurative. He paints everyday life as he encounters it. For him it’s a type of social realism, not necessarily championing any specific social strata, but focusing directly on the here and now. His recent work involves trawling through newspapers to find printed images to use in his system of transformation and combination, whereby he combines several images to create a further narrative. The photographic image is important to Haskins as it is easily understood, straightforward and digestible. His work describes an urban narrative but also plays with portraiture

As a member of the Drawing Connections collaboration Haskins will be showing a collaborative work with Gill Newton

Drawing Connections was founded in 2015 as a group of artists working collaboratively to extend the medium of drawing.  Brighton AOH is the latest in a series of UK and international exhibitions by the group

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