Stacey Manser-Knight

Waterbirds mucking about on sticks

Illustrated ceramics, functional and decorative.  As well as , mixed driftwood & porcelain, ceramic jewellery with silver .

Stacey works in a deeply erratic manor. With great bursts of creative output . Involving love affairs with woods and wires , clays & ideas. Sometimes she just drinks slightly inferior homemade coffee & wishes she’d done more than the washing & making a delicious 3 part Indonesian meal . The general outcome is – varied yet connected batches of work . All of high quality production . Covering varied topics ,in mixed materials. All of which are either charming, irreverent, hmmm that’s interesting, a bit shocking , or oh my gawd I neeed this …. . Displayed in separate sections & very together looking .

See for yourself . :)

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