16 Diana Laurie Paintings

‘The artist Diana Laurie unashamedly expresses the feminine principle, both the intrinsic value of intense personal love and of universal love; that is, the love of beauty, the intuitive wonder of the human body and of love itself as a transformative healing power.
Her minimalist nudes reflect the spirit of Matisse, Bonnard and Picasso, but with her own unique hand, acutely identifiable, leaving an unforgettable imprint on the mind – that of the sublime beauty of the human form. Love and beauty. Here you will find both.’ Simon Young   


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Please contact Diana if you wish to visit outside of listed times, it may be possible to arrange.
Studio 2, 20 Tisbury Road HoveBN3 3BA
Directions: Opposite East Side of Hove Town Hall - Yellow door, Bell 2, Parking on meters in the are or carpark on Norton Rd
Forgive Me: Diana Laurie