15 La Gloria – The Glory

Suraya Harfush calls her workshop home La Gloria. When its heavy doors creak open, sea breezes tumble sunlight, paint dust and vivid colours through the pages of ALMAnac, a visual diary of Suraya’s art and soul.

Together with Barcelona collective Laboratory of Dreams she invites you to visit ‘Kaleidoscope, Lights and Shadows’, a world where to live is to take responsibility for your inner-power, a place where personal and ancestral memories find acceptance and healing through art.
Jeannette Moretti 
Gustavo Fernandez 
Ena Markovich 

  • Refreshments
  • New Open House
  • Disabled access
11.00 - 17.00
29 Coastal Place 57 New Church HoveBN3 4BS
Directions: "La Gloria" can be found on the ground floor of Coastal Place which is situated on New Church Road with its extremely frequent bus links into the city. Hove seafront as well as Hove mainline railway station are also situated close by making this a very sought after location.
Bestiary - Cricket: Noise and Music Suraya Harfush