4 Milton House

Sarah Jones Print
Adam Bracey Oil painting
Jane Abbott Ceramics
Angela Evans Ceramic tiles
Jane Clucas Vintage bags and purses
Kate Kingham Knitted creatures
Martine Jans Silver and gold jewellery
Julia Trigg Print
Anna Tilson Mosaic
Jenny Turtill Silver jewellery
Louise V Durham Stained glass sculptures
Hoity Toity Vintage inspired jewellery
Linda Calvert Sandcast ceramic lamps
DNA Leather bags
Alexa Simone Cushions
Marion Brandis Ceramics
Handmade & Vintage Vintage gifts
Ronnie Millward Wood mixed media
Milton Prints Personalised prints
Jean Tolkovsky Ceramics
Milton Jewellery Coin jewellery

Voted onto the Best Open House short list every year for the last six years, come and see what we have to offer this May. Free parking, fantastic tea and cake in a large sunny garden, and the chance to meet Milton the Cat.

  • Refreshments
  • Garden open
  • Easy parking
  • Live music/performance
  • Card Payment Facility
281 Dyke Road HoveBN3 6PD
Oil Painting and Ceramics with Milton the Cat: Adam Bracey and Jane Abbott
Shelter Sarah Jones