Open House Listings – what will happen if any severe Covid-19 restrictions are unexpectedly imposed

If you have registered to take part in the Artists Open Houses Festival in May and any unexpected severe Covid-19 restrictions affect all or part of the festival period, the following will happen:

You listing will convert to an online only listing, featuring your new dedicated gallery of  images and a virtual tour of your open house (see below) alongside your regular online listing.

Open Houses new online features:
As part of your registration process you will be given the opportunity to upload a video tour of your open house introducing virtual visitors to your work (plus work of guest artist if you have them).

You will also be provided with a dedicated online gallery where you can upload 6 images of your/your guest artists’ work and your own contact details, for potential buyers of your work to contact you directly.

You will have access to update your gallery up to and throughout the festival period.