Ming Art Gallery

Ming Art Gallery is a new art exhibition space in East Hove near Seven Dials, which opened in October 2016. The gallery combines East Asian and Western aesthetics, art works and gifts. On display are contemporary paintings, prints and ceramics from local Brighton and Hove artists and traditional Asian gifts, crafts and calligraphy. The gallery also hosts art workshops, art classes and art events.

Emma Bennett Painting and art cards
Claire Harrison Painting
Lauren Nickless  Painting and art cards
Jules J. Foreman Mixed media collage
Georgina Major  Painting and jewellery
Zoe Lakshmi Ceramic art
Gabriele Ghiani Ceramic sculpture
Jo-Anna Rawlings Textile sculpture and handicrafts
Suzie Warren Painting
Tina Zheng Painting

  • Refreshments
  • New Open House
  • Easy parking
  • Card Payment Facility
Sat:10.00-17.00 Sun:11.00-17.00
Open every day except MondaysTuesdays-Fridays: 11.00-17.00
Ming Art Gallery
Ming Art Gallery
Ming Art Gallery
Ming Art Gallery