Ellie Hipkin tells us about the influences of nature on her life and art

  Your Open House is called the ‘The Nature House’. Would you like to tell us about the reason for this name? My landscapes and seascapes aim to express the profound sense of calm that nature gives me. It’s the atmosphere, the drama, of the natural world that moves me; how it makes you feel. […]

Lucianna Whittle tells us of the fight to save Studio 106

  Hi Lucianna, Studio 106 has taken part in AOH for many years.  Can you tell us a little about the studio and how important it is to its group of resident artists? Studio 106 is a thriving workspace tucked away deep in Poet’s Corner in Hove. The 300sq metre converted factory is home to […]

Artists Open Houses 40th Anniversary launch party!

What a great evening  that was! A big thank you to the Old Ship Hotel for hosting AOH’s first launch party in three years. AOH Brochure Cover artist Gary Goodman gave a great poetry reading! The Ceramic House’s Kay Aplin Fiona McTernan, AOH Festival Manager, with artists Sally and Derek Henry AOH Festival Director, Judy […]

Open Houses open only one or two weekends

Find out which  Open Houses are open for only one or two festival weekends. Make sure you don’t miss them! WEEKEND ONE: 7/8 May Hanover trail: Floppy Toast @ The Pink House Open two weekends only: 7/8 May and 14/15 May A design focused studio, Floppy Toast produces typography inspired art prints and stationery Hove […]

AOH 40th Anniversary exhibitions – artists announced!

For AOH’s May 2022 40th Anniversary, a series of special exhibitions connect through the theme Towards the Light, taken from a title of one of Ned’s paintings and reflecting his concerns with nature and the natural world.  Exhibitions include work of students, emerging artists, neuro-diverse and learning-disabled artists, established AOH artists and some of the […]

Dorota Biniecka invites visitors to combine browsing art with a Downland walk

  Can you tell us about where your Open House is situated and what special added interest it offers to visitors? My Open House is located at the edge of the Downs by Southwick Hill. It feels like a perfect opportunity to invite visitors to combine browsing art with a walk in nature. A large collection of […]

Floppy Toast tell us how they got their name…

  Hi Tracy! This is the first time Floppy Toast has taken part in AOH – can you tell us how you came by your intriguing name? Hello! You aren’t the first to wonder about the name, it generates a lot of conversation which is great.  When first starting out we wanted a name that […]

AOH’s top Fringe picks!

This year, Brighton Fringe 2022 runs from 6 May – 5 June. We’ve showcased our highlights of their exhibitions programme. Take a look, you won’t want to miss these!   Pattern Up Gallery – Presuming Eds, 8 May Winners of Pebble Trust Bursary, Pattern Up is a revolutionary youth lead movement, raising awareness around child exploitation […]

The March of 101 Refugees Project

  James Foley at Potters Bar Open House in Kemptown tells us about their project The March of 101 Refugees, raising funds to help those made homeless abroad: “We had an exceptionally successful Brighton Artists Open House at home in Kemptown over three weekends in November and December 2021. When Fiona and the AOH team contacted […]

AOH Winter 2021 – a few festival highlights

Clara Wilkinson Open House. Photo – Syl Ojalla    Northern Lights Open House. Photo – Syl Ojalla    Northern Lights Open House. Photo – Syl Ojalla   One Nine Six Open House. Photo – Syl Ojalla   Northern Lights Open House. Photo – Syl Ojalla   One Nine Six Open House. Photo – Syl Ojalla   […]

Mother and daughter, Joy Fox and Georgia Flowers, co-curate their Open House!

  Hi Georgia. You and Joy, your mother, have both taken part as Open Houses in previous festivals. What’s it like curating an Open House as mother and daughter? It has been a great experience curating the open house together. We are both so passionate about the art we like and displaying it to its best […]

Introducing AOH’s new sponsor: Katherine Richards Art Gallery

Katherine Richards Art Gallery – Collection One display   Artists Open Houses is delighted that Katherine Richards Art Gallery will be sponsoring AOH in 2022. We talk to Katherine Richards: Hi Katherine, would you like to tell us about Katherine Richards Art Gallery and how it came into being? I have been running my interior design […]

Art on the Line – AOH artist Kate Strachan looks back and forwards

  Kate  Strachan, behind the desk at my Artists Open House (in my happy place!) This will be my 9th year opening at Christmas. Previously I’ve curated the show with fellow artist, and neighbour, Shyama Ruffell who lives over the railway line….  hence the name Art Across the Line. This year I’m flying solo so […]

AOH artists tell us what they’re up to!

Sandrine Jarnet at Shaftesbury Collective   One-Six-Nine Open House Here (below) is Hiroko Lewis, of Open House One-Six-Nine, at her recent success with the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, along with the Chair, Tony Humpreys. Although both the pictures behind her sold there, you can see more in the same […]

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