Early Doors – an oral history of AOH


During the early 1980’s Brighton, then as now, was home to an astonishing community of visual artists. Some of these artists had opened their studios to the public as part of the 70’s Open Studios movement, but none had previously opened their homes. It was a rebellious and democratic move. Not all artists had studios, but all had a home. For artists, it was taking control of their own curation, selling their own work and provided the ability to exhibit work in a town with few such opportunities.

Ned Hoskins opened his house for the first time in 1982; the following year he was joined by two or three other artists living in nearby houses. Soon the Fiveways Group had formed. This film hears from these artists about their reasons for inviting the public into their homes, what they learned and experienced; how their practices as artists changed as a result of a more direct dialogue with their audiences. How important a place Artists Open Houses has played in their lives.

The concept of Artists Open Houses has been described as a gallery without walls. These artists tell us what it was like in the early days, living behind those open front doors.


Early Doors – participating artists:
Annelies Clarke, Rex Matthews, Judy Stapleton, Adrian Turner, Viv and Paul Martin, Shyama Ruffell, Colin Ruffell and Fran Slade

Early Doors produced by: Idil Bozkurt
Interviews conducted by: Claire Wearn and Judy Stevens

With thanks to Ned Hoskins’ family:
Gerry Holloway
Cass Hoskins
Jessica Holloway Swift


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