Floppy Toast tell us how they got their name…


Hi Tracy! This is the first time Floppy Toast has taken part in AOH – can you tell us how you came by your intriguing name?
Hello! You aren’t the first to wonder about the name, it generates a lot of conversation which is great.  When first starting out we wanted a name that would be remembered and that represented the originality of our artwork and even though there is no indication in the name itself of who we are or what we do, it piques people’s interest just enough to get them looking and talking about who on earth is Floppy Toast?!


You had planned to take part in the AOH festival previously – would you like you tell us about some of the reasons for the delay?
My partner and I moved to Brighton 4 years ago, after spending 17 years in London via New Zealand. Unfortunately within 6 weeks of moving here I was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour in the centre of my brain affecting things like balance and visual processing. This was completely out of the blue requiring brain surgery and recovery over the following 2 years including relearning how to do things like walk straight or cross the road independently, so our fledging design studio was very much put on hold.  As a digital artist it proved difficult to use computer programmes and create on my return – suddenly everything seemed exceptionally hard and confusing due to brain trauma; this continues to be a frustrating part of my new normal, though is much easier now than it once was.  Just when Floppy Toast was mostly back to normal the world was plunged into Covid and due to risk factors, opening up to the public wasn’t really an option so we held off, until now!


Tell us about your venue and what make it unique!
We’re showing at ‘The Pink House’ which is called that for good reason!  A Victorian terrace which is both home and studio, painted head to toe in lush bubble-gum pink as befitting our colourful Hanover area.  Ideally located on the Hanover and Kemptown borders, we are open the first two weekends only with several of our rooms set up and full of art so there will be plenty to have a nosey at.  Just 2 minutes from the beautiful Queens Park and with Starfish Café just down the road for your morning breakfast and pre-trail planning, it’s a lovely part of the city to start your AOH adventures on.


Which other artists will be exhibiting with you?
This year we are showing work by Floppy Toast only, including framed limited-edition and open edition prints, super cool prints for kids’ rooms, lovely new notebooks and a range of cards, plus abstract paintings from my previous life as a painter.  We are keeping an ear out for fellow artists to potentially show with us next May at the Pink House, so we are already planning ahead.


What benefits are you hoping taking part in the AOH festival will bring you?
A chance to finally say Hi to Brighton and to put ourselves back on the radar, showing that life and art does go on in spite of unexpected challenges and adjustments.  Artists Open Houses gives us a chance to talk directly to the public about our work which is not something you get to do often when selling online.  It’s a great way to show new work alongside firm favourites and see it hung in a home environment which helps people visualise it in theirs.  It’s always interesting to see what people are drawn to, informing us going forward with future designs.


Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Visit Floppy Toast@the Pink House 
78 Queens Park Road, Brighton,
Venue 5 on the Hanover Arts Trail

Open: May 7&8 and 14&15 May,  10-5pm.

www.floppytoast.com   Instagram floppy_toast