A look back at AOH Summer 2021

358 Ditchling Road Open House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

Visitors to AOH Summer 2021 tell us what they liked best about visiting the Open Houses in this very unusual year. And we take look at some of the wonderful artwork on offer in the 90+ Open Houses who took part in this summer’s very special festival.


Artist Abigail Bowen in her Open House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

We asked visitors: what did you like best about visiting Artist Open Houses this year?

‘During the AOH it’s great to discover those parts of Brighton that are usually hidden away. The diversity of arts & crafts from such a range of people is energising – especially this year.’

‘Brighton festival time just wouldn’t feel right without them. An intrinsic part of the city’s cultural artistic offerings.’

‘I love to see the variety and talent of the works offered. Also the chance to speak with artists themselves. It is such a lovely way to spend an afternoon with a good friend, wandering from house to house, and seeing lovely pieces !’


Paintings by Morag Caister in ALTERED student and emerging artist exhibition – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘It feels like I’m being nourished by other people’s creativity and excitement. Also enjoy talking to the artists whose work I admire to get a better insight into their inspiration & creative process.’

‘It’s a great opportunity to see emerging artists & makers and to support small businesses –  the range of work on show is always fresh and amazing.’

‘Artist Open Houses is a valued Brighton institution and the opportunity to get out, visit homes, meet people and have conversations feels even more important and rewarding after the restrictions of the lockdowns. Then there is the very high standard of work you come across amongst the wide variety of Houses. Following tumultuous times, we need our Artists more than ever to help us as a society reflect back our feelings and even lead us to explore new experiences. AOH delivers on this sentiment in bounds. Thanks to all the many who made it happen in even more difficult circumstance this year. Without AOH our beloved Brighton and Hove would be poorer.’


No 10. Below Stairs Open House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘Just pure joy to experience outside of our homes after the lockdowns. The zest for engagement is clear and made the visits even more fun and novel than in the past.’

‘Best summer event seeing a fabulous and wide range of creative works!’

‘So lovely and enriching to see so many incredibly beautiful pieces and to hear from the artists. Context and provenance can bring something really special to experiencing art works.’

‘The pride it gives me at living where I live.’


Tea garden at Emily Boo’s Open House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘The excitement of always discovering something new in each house, and also of seeing new work by some of my favourite artists, and the lovely welcome that you get. It’s also a real privilege to meet the artists themselves; I’m always overawed that so many hugely talented people live in Brighton!’

‘The range of art and the accessibility of taking my kids along too.’

Kate Scott’s studio- 1 Rigden Road  – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘This was the first year my husband I have taken part after 5 years living in Brighton. We decided to do the last day and went to 8 different places starting in Kemptown and finishing at Fiveways. We loved it, the talent was incredible, the hospitality was lovely and we got 15,000 steps in!! We will definitely recommend it to friends for next year and make a day of it again. Thank you for organising such a great event truly showing off the best of Brighton.’

‘Perfect time to get immersed & discover new talent in a city that’s always on the cutting edge!’

Becky Blair’s Open House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

‘The fact you went ahead with it this year. Thank you.’

‘Inspiring art in fabulous settings – in a domestic space, the art is somehow much more meaningful than in a gallery or museum.’

‘We love getting a glimpse into people’s homes. It’s great speaking to different artists and hearing about their inspiring processes, knowing also that they’re local and be able to support them. Additionally it’s lovely to have a walk around our beautiful city and remember why we love it so much when we see artwork inspired by it. The sense of community walking around is warming as well.’

‘Well in this troubled times being able to explore. Enrich ourselves and chat with other people is amazing…’



10 Scott Road Open House – Photo: Syl Ojalla

A great big thank you from the AOH Team to all our wonderful artists and visitors!