Photo Credit: SYL OJALLA at Faye Bridgwater Open House

Offering the opportunity to view and buy original artworks straight from the artist’s home

What is Artists Open Houses?

The Artists Open Houses festival provides a unique experience for visitors, where you can view an array of work from contemporary and original local artists and makers in their homes, as well as meeting the artists and buying artwork and crafts directly from them.
Work includes jewellery, ceramics and textiles, as well as painting, sculpture, printmaking, photography and many other media. Many visitors buy their first piece of original artwork at an Open House and return year after year.

The Artists

Our ethos is inclusive rather than selective; any artist can take part in the festival as long as they are within the 01273 telephone code area. We encourage participation from artists and makers of all ages, at all stages of their careers, and from all parts of the community including school and college students and marginalised artists.

When is the festival?

The festival runs twice a year – throughout May and for thee weekends in November/December.

Where is the festival?

The festival takes place in artist’s homes and other non-traditional spaces all across the city of Brighton and Hove and beyond. Most of the houses belong to one of 14 trails, which are geographically grouped and venues are usually in walking distance of each other.

How much is it?

Entry to Open Houses is free – and many Open Houses also offer homemade tea and cake!