AOH 40th Anniversary exhibitions at the Regency Town House and basement, Brunswick Square, Hove

Upstairs at no 13

This series of exhibitions celebrate the 40th Anniversary of AOH; a movement which started here in Brighton and is now a world wide phenomenon – with Open House trails taking place in Australia, New Zealand, Beijing, across Europe and the USA.

First, visit a retrospective exhibition of work by AOH founder Ned Hoskins and a group of his contemporaries from the early Fiveways Group, downstairs at the Regency Town House, no. 13 Brunswick Square.

Work by early Fiveways group artists Ned Hoskins and Rex Matthews

Work by early Fiveways group artists Judy Stapleton and Harvey Daniels

Comedia dell’arte by Annelies Clarke

Work by early Fiveways Group artists Ned Hoskins and Colin Ruffell

Work by Colin Ruffell and Fran Slade – plus screen showing early Fiveways Group oral-history video

Vitrine displaying Ned Hoskins sketch books and early Fiveways Group documentation

Ned Hoskins painting on the landing

Paintings by contemporary AOH artists – showing upstairs at The Regency Town House, at no. 13 Brunswick Square – selected from open-call around the theme of Towards the Light, a title taken from one of Ned Hoskins paintings:

Paintings by Debbie Lawrence, Ned Hoskins and Becky Blair

Paintings by Kate Scott, Jo Watters-Pawlowski, Abigail Bowen, Miranda Ellis and Dion Salvador Lloyd

View of the room

Paintings by Emily Jolley and Amy Dury; ceramic floor piece by Kay Aplin, with sound installation by Joe Young


Paintings by Sophie Wake and Laurence Wallace; ceramic Jug by Eve Gnoyke

Prints by Lucy Cooper

Work by Bob & Eve and Catriona Muir, window installation by Claire Knill

Room with Jon Mills sculpture

At the Regency Town House basement, at no. 10  Brunswick Square, are exhibitions of work by University of Brighton Fine Art students and a group of local emerging artists:

Fine Art student Finn Gayton’s Lorry Boy in the Houskeeper’s Room

Fine Art student Megan Ryan’s Journey in the Servants’ Quarters

Fine Art student Sara Paowana’s Isaan in the Servants’ Quarters.

In the kitchen is an exhibition of work by emerging artists within three years of beginning their artistic practices.

Work by Louise Ward Morris

Work by Heather Curwen

Work by Jemma Day

Work by Jack Shearing

Work by Danit Ariel

The basement hallway -work by Charlotte Graham-Spouge

Paintings by Ned Hoskins in the basement hallway.

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And don’t forget to visit Figment Arts Towards the Light exhibition at Devils Dyke Farm