AOH artists tell us what they’re up to!

Sandrine Jarnet at Shaftesbury Collective


One-Six-Nine Open House

Here (below) is Hiroko Lewis, of Open House One-Six-Nine, at her recent success with the ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London, along with the Chair, Tony Humpreys. Although both the pictures behind her sold there, you can see more in the same style with her trademark oil paint with gold leaf and patination at her Open House, open for the next two weekends.

These images show Hiroko’s work with Tom Peterson’s raku as well as pewter from Fleur Grenier, who is new to the house.


And these show work by:

Geoff Hands 

David Storey

Hiroko Lewis

Visit One-Six-Nine Open House 
at 169 Preston Drove, Brighton, BN1 6FN


Clara Wilkinson Art

Here is an image of me – Clara Wilkinson –  in my studio.


  And here is one of me with Mary West (we are Living Wall Murals) painting on site at Kusaki restaurant, Brighton.



I’ll be exhibiting prints taken of our murals as well as my own work in my Open House.


Visit Clara Wilkinson
at: Flat 1, 33 Adelaide Crescent, Hove, BN3 2JJ

Clara’s house opens for the first time this weekend – Saturday 4th December!


Shaftesbury Collective

Lucy Cooper at Shaftesbury Collective

We have two new artists joining us at Shaftesbury Collective this winter – Yolande Beer and Ginny Baxter. Their beautiful and unique artworks will be on display this time round, which could be bought as special gifts. We have our own Instagram account – @the_shaftesbury_collective

Regular exhibitor Sandrine Jarnet will be showing her ceramics. Several years ago Sandrine visited a ceramicist during an Open Houses event near her and she was so impressed and inspired that she decided to give a go to pottery. She attended many evening classes; it was not an easy ride and many times she came home thinking that she will never manage to throw on the wheel, but she got there eventually. Throwing is very therapeutic and so rewarding.
Since early 2021 she has had her own studio at home, which facilitates the making despite a few challenges along the way. She usually throws stoneware, and dipped her pieces in matt and satin glazes.

Here are some photo  showing work by all five of us

The Shaftesbury Collective

Visit the Shaftesbury Collective at:
28 Shaftesbury Road, Brighton, BN1 4NF


Celebrating Wildlife 

We are doing something special at the Potters bar Brighton AOH  on the seafront in Kemptown this year. We are a group of international artists who wanted to use our art to make a response to the challenges facing the world as a consequence of climate change  and to contribute to charities supporting vulnerable people, wildlife and the planet itself.
We have engaged with the local community in our ‘March of 100 refugees‘ project, in which ‘ordinary people – not artists’, have made little porcelain figures to represent those ‘Ordinary People’ who have been forced to leave their home and seek refuge elsewhere, for whatever reason. James has made-up ceramic boats for the refugees, with all proceeds from sales being divided between Refugee Action  and Christian Aid, and we hope to be able to contribute several hundred pounds to help our sisters and brothers across the world.


James Foley – Refugee Boat


Our Wildlife Artists come from Brighton, of course, but also from China, Fiji and Turkey. We hope that our visitors will find their work interesting as well as beautiful. For example, the photographer, Xi Zhenong from Beijing, has been personally responsible for saving several Chinese animals from extinction by the power of the lens and has achieved world acclaim. This is the first time that his work has been shown in this way in England.
The photo of James, the AOH host, was taken from a blog written in Mandarin by Diya Wen to a thousand followers in this country and abroad, telling them all about the AOH phenomenon in Brighton!
We are also pleased to offer visitors the opportunity of seeing work by Sophie Green who won a prize for her giraffe  (Photo) with the explorers against Extinction at the Royal Geographical Society on 18 November.


Sophie Green – Giraffe


We have other brilliant and talented artists who have a passion to support wildlife and conservation charities, including local artist Serena Sussex.  James Foley the host, curator and potter, would be delighted to show you around the exhibition in his Georgian home and garden.


Flat 1, 4 Eastern Terrace, Brighton, BN2 1DJ