AOH talks to new Open House, Lenin.Guru

AOH:  Hello Lenin.Guru! Welcome to the Artists Open Houses. Is this the first time you have taken part in the AOH festival?

LG: Yes, it is our first time when we take part in AOH. Before we were only visiting places open by others viewing their exhibitions and houses, but this year decided to take our part in this festival as well. Looking forward for this unique and exciting experience.

AOH:  Would you like to tell us a little bit about where you are from and how long you have been living in Brighton?

LG: We both are from Latvia, which is one of three Baltic States in Eastern Europe. We live in Brighton for about 4 years and really enjoy every day of it. It is amazing place.

Veda Wildfire and Lenin.Guru project “Brighton through the time”

AOH: Your project sounds fascinating, time-travel through the ages in London and Brighton. Can you tell us little more about the ideas behind it?

LG: In this project, we show the contrast between the past and the present of cities where we live and work.

With time passing the appearance of cities changes and very often these changes are not noticed. Elder generations who witnessed these changes pass away and young generations have never seen things how they used to be. That is why we try to capture both views in one picture – the contrast is obvious and it is amazing how different each place was just a few decades ago.

Veda Wildfire and Lenin.Guru project “Brighton through the time”

AOH: Can you tell us how you chose your art group name: Lenin.Guru?

LG: Lenin.Guru is a non-commercial project run by a couple of enthusiasts from the  former USSR, living and adapting to the life in the UK. In our internet-magazine, we write about art, travel and places in the UK for people who live here permanently or just spend holidays here. The main message we are trying to bring to young artists is that an art has no borders and you can still be creative even if you had to leave you home country and move to an unknown foreign place.

When we have just moved here we have noticed that many talented and creative people have stopped doing any artwork after they have changed their place of living. They just focus on their job and domestic life forgetting about their creativity. The main aim of our project is to show others that your immigration does not necessarily act as a barrier for your creativity. We try to “wake up” creative people and change their way of thinking – and it is a mental revolution that has to happen inside their minds – there is a place for art in a foreign country!

That is why we have chosen Lenin – a well-known iconic symbol of revolution. However, he has changed his occupation now – he is not destroyer of an old order, he is more likely a good teacher that helps others to change. That is why he is a Guru. Lenin – Guru.

AOH:  What are your main expectations in taking part in the Open Houses festival?

LG: This is our first experience and we honestly do not know what to expect. We hope to meet interesting people and show them what we do, and hopefully they will enjoy it.

In any case, it is going to be fun and fascinating time and we are looking forward going through that!

AOH: Thank you Lenin.Guru. We hope you have a really great festival!



Instagram: thehouseofleninguru


Featured Logo Image Credit: Lenin.Guru