Artists Open Houses 40th Anniversary launch party!

What a great evening  that was! A big thank you to the Old Ship Hotel for hosting AOH’s first launch party in three years.

AOH Brochure Cover artist Gary Goodman gave a great poetry reading!

The Ceramic House’s Kay Aplin

Fiona McTernan, AOH Festival Manager, with artists Sally and Derek Henry

AOH Festival Director, Judy Stevens, with artist Trisha Keith and partner

AOH Sponsors Hamptons International were there in force!

AOH artists Zoe Funge Smith, Debbie Lawrence and Sophie Wake

Gus and Glen perform their Keyboard Karaoke

AOH artists Kate Scott and Emma Stanton

AOH May 2022 40th Anniversary brochures

AOH artist Shyama Ruffell with Georgina Huguenet

Ned Hoskin’s wife, Gerry Holloway, gave a great speech

Leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, Councillor Phelim McCafferty, praises AOH!

Bullet PR’s Pandora George and Esme Lynch, with AOH artist Faye Bridgwater

Ditching trail’s Jo Watters-Pawlowski with Louise Dale Chalmers

Artist Jim Sanders and curator Claire Wearn

Miladys Parejo from Encounters Open House, with the Ceramic House’s Joe Young

Hampton’s International team

AOH supporters Geoffrey Bowden, Nicola Coleby and Bill Randall

Lucianna Whittle and Studio 106 artists

AOH Designer and Director, Chris Lord with Sue Rubinstein, Peter Chrisp and Lisa Wolfe

Martin and Monica Lawrence, AOH Sponsors at Lawrences Art Supplies

Harley Kilburn and Rehanon Mackenzie

Rosa Magazine editor, Alex Leith

Hamptons International perform  Karaoke!

AOH Festival Manager, Fiona McTernan, with Lizzie Enfield

John Helmer and Peter Chrisp

AOH artists Gary Goodman and Sophie Wake

Thanks to all AOH artists, supporters and sponsors who came, performed and partied!