Artists Open Houses Awards Night!

Faye Bridgewater and Ben Nazarko

The AOH Summer Festival 2021 ended in grand style with our Awards Night, generously hosted by The Old Ship hotel. Our wonderful AOH sponsors presented Awards to shortlisted artists in a real celebration of what has been a fantastic Festival month!

Mark Tulley and Suzanne Heaven present the Gemini Print Awards (Photo: Syl Ojalla)


Latest TV‘s Angi Mariani presents the Best Open House Award (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Best Open House Award -sponsored by Latest TV
Faye Bridgewater
12 Scott Road
Becky Blair
Nick Ford Studio

Faye Bridgewater

Shortlisted artists and guests (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

alej ez (shortlisted for AOH Brochure Cover Artist 2022) and guest, with Chris Lord AOH designer and co-director (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Sarah Jones, receives a Highly Commended award for Artist of the Year, from Gemini Print (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

AOH Artist of the Year 2021 – sponsored by Gemini Print
Sarah Jones (Milton House, &2 Clyde Road) Highly commended 
Faye Bridgwater (Kemptown) Winner
Trisha Keith (Bowley and Gallagher) Highly commended 

Faye Bridgwater (Kemptown)

Faye Bridgewater – winner of Latest TV’s Best Open House Award and Gemini Print’s Artist of the Year Award! (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Trisha Kieth receives a Highly Commended Award for Gemini Print’s Artist of the Year (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Hannah Forward and Georgia Flowers of 12 Scott Road Open House, with Sarah Jones, Emma Morris, Trisha Kieth and Emma Stanton (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Chris Lord and Judy Stevens (AOH Directors) with Martin Lawrence of Lawrences Art Supplies– sponsor of the AOH Brochure Cover Award. (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

AOH Sponsors, Artists and Team (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

AOH Photographer of the Year 2021 – sponsored by Gemini Print
Ben Nazarko (358 Ditchling Road) Winner
Anna Tinner (Princes Crescent Presents) Highly commended 
Matt Goddard (The Nature House, 113 Preston Drove) Highly commended 

Ben Nazarko (358 Ditchling Road)

Ben Nazarko, Winner of Gemini Print’s Photographer of the Year Award (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Matt Goddard receives Gemini Print’s Highly Commended Award for Photographer of the Year (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Tricia Kieth and Sarah Jones (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Old Ship hospitality! (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Brochure Cover Artist 2022 – sponsored by Lawrences Art Supplies
alej ez
Gary Goodman
Ella Morris

Gary Goodman

AOH’s Lisa Yousefi with Nick Ford – shortlisted for Best Open House – and guest (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Anna Tinner Highly Commended for Gemini Print’s Photographer of the Year Award (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

Fiona McTernan, AOH Festival Manager, receives a bunch of flowers! (Photo: Syl Ojalla)

What a great night! Big congratulations to all our shortlisted and winning artists. And a huge thank you to The Old Ship and all our wonderful sponsors.

Faye and Ben celebrate!