Artists Open Houses talks to textile designer & illustrator Anneli Fleming-Brown on her Scandinavian themed House

Welcome to the Artists Open Houses – is this the first time your Open House Northern Lights has taken part ?
I’ve been a big fan of Artists Open Houses for years, but this is the first time I’ve taken part. Friends have been urging me to get involved for ages and this year I finally decided to take the plunge.

As a professional creative myself – textile designer and illustrator, I see it as a unique opportunity to explore and showcase the range of my creative interests. My home is also a reflection of my artistic influences and cultural heritage so the idea of exhibiting in an intimate domestic space really appeals to me.

Your Open House is called Northern Lights and has a Scandinavian theme – can you tell us about the artists taking part?
I’m half Finnish/half Scottish and grew up in a home surrounded by Scandinavian design. I love colour and am drawn to simple shapes, natural products like linen, straw and wood. I did a degree in textiles followed by a post graduate qualification in illustration – both at Central St Martins. I’ve been a professional illustrator and designer for many years, working in a variety of media for clients ranging from familiar high street names through to small businesses. I recently refreshed my brand, which is now scofinn (

I’m thrilled to have gathered together such a diverse range of artists and products to exhibit in my House.  As well as my own textiles, prints, Christmas cards, decorations and baking, we have a Finnish printmaker (Anna Vartiainen) a Dutch jeweller (Martine Jans) , a Scottish artist Brian Britton and a French/English design duo ( Alexander&Crofts). We also have DNA bags from here in Brighton and Maison Moth’s lovely candles and well-being products. There will definitely be many affordable gifts at our Open House.

The Scandinavian theme will be continued in some very interesting sounding refreshments – can you tell us a bit about this.
Baking is a very important part of Christmas for me. Every year, I make piparkakku (decorated spiced ginger cookies), which I’m certain will go down a treat with visitors.  I also make ‘pulla’ or ‘korvapuusti’ (cinnamon and cardamom buns) so there will be plenty of tempting tasty treats on offer to enjoy with coffee or tea. There will also be edible gifts to take away.

What are you most looking forward to and hoping will result from taking part in the Artist Open Houses?
I’m really looking forward to the opening weekend, when all our hard work will come together. It’ll be great to spend time with the other artists involved in Northern Lights – and I’m especially looking forward to welcoming visitors into an Open House with a distinctively Scandinavian festive feel.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Please do come and visit us! We’re at:
Northern Lights, 29 Lancaster Rd, Brighton
AOH Brochure no. 22