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The Artists Open is Houses Festival started with many different opening nights around the city and beyond, all with a great turnout. YMCA DownsLink Group are a part of Hove trail and are now in their second year of being an Open House. YMCA’s private view took place in their headquarters (Hove) on Thursday night.

A group of incredibly talented artists have made a great response to the invitation to exhibit their work in YMCA’s Open House. They include Chris Kettle, Jake Wood Evans, Jacqueline Bissett, Grant DeJong, Julie French and Gail Gibson Tait. While viewing inspiring artwork all round the ground floor, guests enjoyed delicious nibbles, kindly donated by the local restaurant Chilli Pickle and Fatto a Mano, Hove.

The night continued with a short speech by YMCA Downslink’s CEO Chas Walker, followed by some words of support from Guy Lloyd. After that the evening went on with groovy DJ sets.

It was a great night with tasty nibbles and great music. Go and visit YMCA’s Open House. All the exhibiting artists have agreed that 50% of funds raised from sales of their work will go the YMCA Downslink programme of supporting vulnerable young people to get back into education, work and training.

The YMCA’s Open House will be open weekends 6-28th May, plus the Bank Holiday Monday 29th May, from 11am till 6pm. There will be also live portraiture by Jacqueline Bissett on the 29th bank holiday and live music. Spread the word and help support young people and artists.



Visit YMCA’s Open House here: Reed House, 47 Church Road, Hove BN3 2BE

See the highlights of the night by Jasmine Hetherington-Wilkes: https://youtu.be/DPEBhawfY44



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