BMECP CENTRE – The Other House

In The Other House you will encounter a haunted home – haunted by social and economic exclusion, wars, gender discrimination and environmental disasters. SEAS (Socially Engaged Art Salon) and Counterpoints Arts offer an exhibition with dark tones and social consciousness.

Twenty five local and international artists exhibit work in photography, painting, installation, performance and talks, including artists from Syria, Iraq, Iran Algeria Israel, Spain, Ireland, as well as local artists at all stage of their careers, some with international profiles.

Iranian painter Nasrin Paryas‘s experiences in a Tehran museum turned into a women’s jail; Julia Andrews-Clifford photography campaign about housework; Bharat Patel‘s photographs of child slave-labour in Indian quarries, and Josef Cabey‘s paintings depicting gay and black experience in contemporary America.

Group collaborations include the International Woman’s Network and Gil Mualem-Doron‘s English Migrant Project.

Sunday May 5th: performance by Geoffrey Smith, inventor of the Fluid Piano.

You can see The Other House exhibition at the BMECP Centre, 10A Fleet Street (behind Brighton station) No. 2 on the Independent trail:

Visit The House: