Towards the Light – open call for submissions


AOH founder, Ned Hoskins

As part of the Artists Open Houses (AOH) 40th Anniversary celebrations we are inviting submissions from all artists taking part in this May’s AOH festival for consideration in an exhibition, Towards the Light, to be hosted at the Regency Town House, Brunswick Square, Hove.

The theme is taken from the title of a painting by the founder of Brighton’s Open House movement, Ned Hoskins, whose life and work we will commemorate in the celebrations.

Ned Hoskins was a trailblazer who started something so pertinent that its relevance resonates as strongly today as 40 years ago. As artists continue to seek ways to show their work, support each other and build a stronger art sector, Artists Open Houses is proud to spotlight the inspiring actions of Ned Hoskins who, 40 years ago, created a movement enabling access to art for everyone, by simply opening his front door and inviting the public inside to view his work.

In the spirit of AOH as a community event, this open call directly invites participation from all ages and levels of practitioner, from school students to established artists. We are excited to create a show that offers early career or graduating artists the opportunities to meet, exchange experience and share ideas with those more established.

Ned was distinctly inspired by the environment, seeking out nature and places to wander whenever possible; from his early days at art school in Harrogate where he painted on the Yorkshire Moors, through to his time in California, Europe and more locally, where his work took frequent inspiration from the South Downs. As we all look towards brighter moments after recent restrictions, Ned’s work, actions and legacies offer a fabulous opportunity to remember how important it is to take risks, make art and work with your community.

The AOH 40th Anniversary exhibition will be presented on both floors of the Regency Town House and will include artists at all career stages and working in all media forms. Alongside the exhibition the story of the Open Houses movement, begun in Brighton 40 years ago, will be told digitally by original and early members of the Fiveways trail.

The exhibition will take place Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 7 – 29 May

Submissions are welcome from artists who:

  • Are taking part in the AOH May 2022 festival
  • Work in any discipline of visual arts
  • Have work that makes a connection with the exhibition theme of Towards the Light
  • Are available to carry out 2 three-hour invigilation sessions over the festival period

There is no entrance fee and AOH will not take commission on any works sold in the exhibition

How to Apply:

Please complete the submission form here

You will be asked to provide a brief artist statement (300 words max), plus an outline of how the work/s you are submitting connects to the exhibition theme (200 words max).  You can upload up to 4 images (depicting work in any media) in JPEG format (each image no larger than 2MB) or for film or video works, you can insert a link.

Please bear in mind that the selectors may choose an individual work from a series.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 4th April (5pm)