Goldie, Pure Evil and Maxim from the Prodigy at: Urban Miniatures Open House!

Hi Emily, we’re delighted you are taking part in the Christmas Artists Open Houses this year. Urban Miniatures sounds really fascinating!

Antony H Haylock

Can you tell us a bit about the theme of the exhibition?
Urban Miniatures is a unique pop-up exhibition bringing together huge names from the urban contemporary art scene on a tiny scale. Curated by myself Emily Paxton, and artist Pam Glew, the exhibition is focused around a subversive technicolour model village, complete with working OO gauge Hornby train set. Each train, sign and building in this dystopian diorama has been hand-painted to a minute scale by a prominent artist in the urban contemporary art scene. With high rises, a church and even a mini Tesco store, this one-of-a-kind model village reflects how art can complement and transform the urban environment into a colourful and vibrant landscape.


Who is exhibiting and how did you select the artists?
Over forty two urban artists have contributed to this project including British musicians Goldie – who has painted a model train – and Maxim from The Prodigy along with Australian pop surrealist Ben Frost; real-life train-writer Remi Rough; street artist Pure Evil, political painter and Dismaland star, Tinsel Edwards and local boy Eelus – Brighton’s own international muralist


Can you tell us about the workshops you will be providing alongside the installations?

We will be hosting four workshops throughout the month of the pop-up led by Pam and myself. These will include Christmas wreath making including tiny objects, Mini terrarium making with mini people, Mini cyanotype making and a Japanese Furoshiki wrap workshop using miniature objects. All can be found on Eventbrite via PaxtonGlew or on our Facebook Page Paxton&Glew and on the Events page of the AOH website.

Wreath Making Workshop

Have you been taken part in AOH previously?
Over the years I have been a frequent visitor to the different Artists’ Open House trails across Brighton. I love to explore the different houses and artworks throughout Brighton and see the eclectic range of talent spread throughout the city. I personally haven’t been involved with the Artists Open houses before so this will be my first experience and I’m super excited to be involved in such a positive local event that supports the wide range of talented artists creating and making throughout the city.

Mark McClure Warehouse

How did Paxton&Glew come about?
Paxton&Glew came about after we realised we both really loved art and wanted to see more exhibitions in Brighton. We then decided we should put on our own show, but since we couldn’t afford to hire a giant space to showcase all the artists we loved, we realised showcasing the artworks as miniatures would work just as well. We then decided to challenge ourselves to put on a miniature show that encompassed all the artists we knew and loved as a technicolour subversive miniature city and that’s where ‘Urban Miniatures’ and Paxton&Glew was born.

Shuby Tesco

Pam and I met in 2004 in Brighton where we both worked as Photography and Art technicians. Since then we have remained good friends, working as educators, starting families and continuing our creative careers. I am currently a freelance photographer, part time Lecturer and now curator who has curated pop-up exhibitions and taught numerous people their way around a camera. Pam has exhibited internationally as a textile artist and has been commissioned by brands including Armani, Ralph Lauren and Microsoft.

Urban-Miniatures – DONK

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
We are keen to show off Urban Miniatures to as many people as possible for the limited time we are in residence at 11 Dukes Lane in Brighton. We will also be selling some beautiful bespoke jewellery, limited edition prints, original canvas artworks, artist signed skateboards and even miniature cacti plants by local business HiCacti. We believe there will be something for everyone and Paxton&Glew can’t wait open its doors to the city of Brighton.

Urban Min – Tiny scenic

Urban Miniatures runs from Nov 23rd – Dec 22. Tuesday – Sunday at:
Urban Miniatuers
11 Dukes Lane
Brighton, BN1 1BG

Urban Miniatures

All images: Emily Paxton