Grace Eyre Christmas Open House

Our Christmas exhibition is a festive and inspiring collection of works made by people with learning disabilities. We talked to some of our artists about what they do and why they like to take part in Artists Open Houses.

Why do you participate?
‘What we do is sell things and put pictures in the open house’ – James
‘So people can see the things we make at Grace Eyre’ – Chris
‘We like to show people around so we can sell pictures’ – Peter C
‘To reach a wider audience’ – Kier
‘Putting pictures on the wall so people can see them’ – Sharon

Participation in Artist Open Houses gives a real focus for our artists to show their work to a wider audience and is a great way to connect with the local community. Our vision is for a society where people with learning disabilities are part of and contribute to their local community so putting on these exhibitions is a positive step towards this.

How long you have been participating for?
Since 2009 at least, or possibly longer!

Are there any unique events or workshops at your Open House this year?
During our May Open House we have regular Mosaic Workshops run by one of our service users. This is something we’d like to expand upon in the future.
Our Christmas Open House at Studio 2 in Brighton Open Market is supported by our employment team and offers work place experience to people with learning disabilities so, as you can see, it very much has a dual purpose.

Are there any special themes at your Open House exhibitions?
All the work shown in our Open Houses at Montefiore Road and at the Grace Eyre Studio in the Open Market, London Road is made by people with learning disabilities. The themes for the work are set by the artists in their creative sessions. All the work is original and individually made so please drop by to bag yourself a unique piece! If you’d like to find out more please contact ewill[email protected]