Guest Blog by Bing Hitchcock Gallery

The Bing Hitchcock Gallery has only been around since May this year, so I’m excited to be part of the Christmas Artists Open Houses.

I’d like to thank Grayson Perry (2016 Turner Prize winner) for his wise words. I was lucky to hear Grayson delivered his BBC radio 4 Reith Lecture entitled ‘Playing to the gallery,’ where he set out to demystify the art world. It seems it wasn’t a scary place and everyone is welcome. Grayson encouraged anyone with a bit of art in them to a go and make a career. That was in August 2014. I took his advice. That same day I decided to make a pact with myself to strive not only for excellence in composition, but also in the final master.

It’s strange to think that it has been less than twelve months since I formulated the idea of owing my own art gallery. This all came about as a direct result of me winning ‘The Master of Art International Award 2016,’ which spurred me on to aim my sights at owning my own space. I did my research and found premises which was up for grabs just around the corner from Brighton Station. It was an old bike shop and boy did it need a lot of work to transfer it into an art gallery. This was in February 2017. Ten weeks later it was restored to its former glory, including a four-week stint refurbishing the 120-year-old oak door fame, arch and interior decals. Each night around ten I’d go home and watch various YouTube videos on restoration. It’s amazing what you can learn when you put your mind to it. Looking back now if I had employed proper builders the gallery would have been completed in half the time. But I’m happy every day I look around my gallery knowing that 80% of it was done by my own fair hand. Have a look

The gallery is open every day from 10.30-6-30. All my work is mastered to ChromaLuxe HD using a process call dye-sublimation.

Bing Hitchcock Gallery, 44 Trafalgar St, Brighton BN1 4ED