6 Brighton Sculptors

Exhibiting sculptors: Teresa Martin, Jill Bourner, John Price, Neil WilkinsonAbby MartinLesley StepneyAlison ParkerIngrid BoucherChristine Scawin.

‘Seeing the Trees’ through the sculpture, exploring family trees, deeply oceanic growth, fruity and figurative forms and woodland journeys with the Ents. Materialising ideas from sawdust, steel wire, fabric, rubber, concrete, cardboard, cast stone, metal resin, as well as good old newly fashioned wood.
Something to transform your living space, indoors or out. Refreshments and comfort stop available.

  • Refreshments
  • Disabled access
Saturdays 11.00-18.00 Sundays 12.15-18.00
Church of the Annunciation Washington Street BrightonBN2 9SR
Directions: Up Hanover Street, from The Level and a little along Washington Street. Or for less of a climb up The Drove and then Westwards to Washington Street which is above Coleman Street .
01273 883929