16 St. Luke’s Prestonville

Art From The Edge is an exhibition featuring work from and about the marginalised of society.

St. Luke’s Prestonville hosts homeless drop-ins and various recovery groups and the artworks on display will be work created by people from these groups or by artists working with them.

This exhibition will be an eclectic mix of styles and formats and will give a glimpse into the world of those in our society who are often seen as being excluded or unable to contribute.

Sunday 27th May will coincide with our monthly homeless drop-in with a meal and opportunity to meet some of the artists.

Open Sundays Only

  • Refreshments
  • Live music/performance
  • Disabled access
64 Old Shoreham Road HoveBN1 5DD
Directions: At the Northern end of Prestonville Road, 500m from Seven Dials.
Angel of the Mourning Sarah Watson