The Round Georges Brighton

The Round Georges Brighton is a friendly local pub with a fantastic gallery space, great food and tasty beverages. This is our first Artist Open House and we plan to bring you a vibrant mix of art.

Claire Holyoake Drawing, sculpture
Stu Freeland Drawing, print
Dave Dead Painting, sculpture
Bill Purnell acrylic, digital
Martin Ross Butler Drawing, prints
Lo-Fi Guy Acrylic, oils
Paco Casero Coracles Painting and drawing
Jennifer Booth Jewellery & Workshops

The work ranges from intricate space-scapes, anthropological drawings of women as bears, intimate landscapes, lino-cuts, fine dot portraits and psychedelic drawings from within someone’s mind.

Personalised jewellery workshops: weekends 6-29th May 12 – 2pm and 3 – 5pm.
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  • Refreshments
  • New Open House
  • Garden open
  • Live music/performance
  • Card Payment Facility
We are open every day of the week 12pm - 23.30 as we are a pub so access to the exhibition will be available for viewing most of the time with a more extensive show/shop and artist interaction at the weekends
Directions: straight up Edward Street and Eastern Road until you get to Gala Bingo, turn left at Gala Bingo up Sutherland Road (big long road leading to the racecourse) The Round Georges is on the right, half way up the hill.
Bill Murray Stu Freeland