Advice From Other Artists

Advice from other Artists

Hundreds of artists have exhibited at Artists Open Houses. The festival offers an unparallelled opportunity for artists and makers to open their houses and studios, providing art lovers the opportunity to browse and buy original artwork direct.

We have gathered advice from some of the artists who have already participated to help you get the best from your open house.

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 -> “Each time we open, the way we run it and the artists we show evolves and never fails to surprise me.”

Emma Troy of Polish & Pin talks about the evolution of an Open House and how to make it work with family life. 

 ->”As well as exhibiting your art work Artists Open Houses is your chance to offer more than just an exhibition. “

Elizabeth Anne Norris shares her advice

 ->”I like to work with words. My ideas usually come from poetry or books.”

Jonny Hannah talks about his work and his experience at AOH

 ->”Almost as soon as one festival finishes we start planning the next one.”

How to sell like a pro – advice from AOH participants

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