Inspired by visiting AOH over the years, Victoria Gubb takes part in her first Open House!

Nick Cave by Bob&Eve

Could you tell us a bit about why you have decided to take part in the AOH festival?
We’ve loved visiting the open houses over the years and always admired the people who were willing to open up their houses to the public. My husband Ben, who is showing his work at our house, has shown his work in some beautiful open houses over the years, and after a conversation with our 2 artist friends, Bob&Eve and Steven Wilson, we decided we should take the plunge together and do it ourselves. It was also because of my lovely friends and fellow Open Houses Faye Bridgewater and Debbie Lawrence, who threw their encouragement behind us. They have both done the  OH trail before and shared their experience and little gems of wisdom to help us on our way.


Works by Steve Wilson. Photo by Syl Ojalla


You have four artists exhibiting as part of your open house, tell us some more about them and why they were selected?
Well, Ben being an artist and us both having a love of art was probably the main reason we decided to open up our house. Ben’s drawings, paintings and prints hang alongside lots of other artwork within our house. His style of painting sits really well amongst other artists’ work, so we felt confident it would sit well amongst the other great artists we have been fortunate enough to exhibit. Ben uses bold confident brushstrokes and applies medium with sensitive and gestural ways. His process of working enables him to create lots of different styles of work. Steven Wilson, was an easy choice because we are both great friends and big fans. We are lucky enough to already have 4 pieces of his work hanging on our walls. We love the scale of his work and striking colours he uses. His ability to turn everyday objects into beautiful illustrations is one of many reasons his work is exhibited and published throughout the world.

Works by Benedict Gubb Photo by Syl Ojalla

From the first time we saw Bob&Eve’s art, we were committed followers. The textural quality and playful subject matter makes the work truly unique. Every time we see a new Bob&Eve slogan we think of a person in our lives who needs to have this art on their walls. I definitely relate to a few of them! We think Bob&Eve’s art would make a brilliant gift for that special person in your life who is ‘Loud, Confident and Mostly Wrong‘. Each piece will strike a cord with different people for different reasons. Her cushions, rugs and pouffes are absolutely beautiful too.

Dot+Cross Studio is my new endeavour. I’ve been a seamstress and pattern cutter for 18 years, working for other businesses, but decided it was time to make clothes under my own label. As my studio is in the house, it made sense to open it up.  The open house has been a great opportunity to show my new pieces and see what people think  It’s been great so far!

Dutch Men’s Racer Bike by Benedict Gubb
What can visitors expect from your Open House?
We don’t put on the hard sell. We really want people to enjoy walking around the house in their own time, hopefully enjoying the space and all of the art work on show. I love having a chat with anyone who walks through the door but I am also really happy to leave them to it and be there for any questions they may have. One or two of the artists will always be around. There a four rooms open with a different artist in each and a mixture of the all the artists in the hallway. We want people to feel welcome in our house while all of this beautiful art work is on show and while it is so tidy!! If only it could always be like this! Oh and we have mince pies for all.


Number 57, photo by Syl Ojalla


You’re based around Queens Park, (in good company with some other OHs) why do you think visitors to the festival should explore this area?
Yes we are in great company. Faye Bridgewater and Debbie Lawrence are friends of mine and our houses are all close together which makes it very convenient for the OH Trailers. Both artist’s have put on a beautiful display and I know how friendly and welcoming they both are, so the three houses together make for the perfect reason for visiting the area. Sadly Faye isn’t opening for the last weekend but Debbie’s and our will be. Queen’s Park has some lovely cafes and we once you’ve visited the houses we are a downhill walk into Kemp Town and the Seafront.



Clothes by Dot +Cross Studio. Photo by Syl Ojalla
Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
We will be open Open: 10th and 11th December 11am – 5pm
Visit No 57
57 Queen’s Park Rise, Brighton, BN2 9ZF