Invitation for an Interview on 1 Brighton FM (101.4FM)

A live recording from our broadcast on Monday the 1st of May on 101.4 FM, DAB+ and online.

This week, we featured the Brighton Introverts group (more normal than most of us); Julian Caddy, director of Brighton Fringe; Judy Stevens, director of Brighton & Hove Artists Open Houses; the Lego exhibit at the Dice Saloon, Nick Bright tells us all; Ian from Sussex Progressives and of course our very own Debs Lennard, picking her top comedy listings for these the first two weeks of the Festival and Fringe.

We will also be discussing Brighton Festival and listening to a song from our live session with Nicolas and the Saints – the full version of which can be found online (link in the comments section!)
Join us. It won’t be the same without you!