Joel Sydenham talks about connections between cultures and species and how they influences his work


Hi Joel – this is the first time you’ve taken part in Artists Open Houses – we’re delighted you are a new member of the Fiveways trail.
Can you tell us a bit about your work and the experiences that have influenced it?
My art is very colourful and vibrant, I see my work as a celebration of life and I try to reflect that in every piece I create. I love to combine abstract art with elements of realism to illustrate different concepts associated with the process of life, both from an emotional and factual perspective. I’m a naturally curious and open minded person, my influences are constantly switching and evolving, and I feel that is also strongly reflected in my work.

Can you tell us about the themes of your paintings, about your understanding of the interconnectedness of things?
Interconnectedness itself is the main theme in my work. It’s not so much about my understanding, and more about my curiosity. I’m fascinated by connections in general, between cultures, species, planets etc. There’s something about the way one thing affects another thing that I just find inspiring.

What type of media do you use and how do you create your work?
I use acrylic paint, ink and pencils. I often use different mediums on separate sections of the same piece.

Can you tell us about the workshops you host?
I’ve recently started teaching some adult ed classes with Varndean College, you can find out more about the classes using these links.

Exploring Art –
Collage –

I also host private workshops (for groups,individuals or organisations), and “sip and paint” events. Contact me at [email protected] if you’d like some more information.

What are you enjoying most about doing an Open House?
Meeting people, connecting with them and exchanging perspectives.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us – and visitors in general?
I’d love to have you at my Open House – come say hi!

Visit Joel Sydenham at:
14 Stephens Road, Brighton, BN1 7ER