Lisa and Alex tell us about celebrating tiny differences and how Stoats & Weasels got her name


Hi Lisa and Alex, You’ve taken part in Artists Open Houses for many years now – when did you first take part?
When we first viewed our flat in early 2012 we both said “this would be perfect to do an Open House in” so in May that year we took the plunge, and haven’t looked back.

Stoats & Weasels

Lisa, you work under the intriguing name of name Stoats & Weasels – can you tell us how that came about?I could give you some graphic designer fluff about how it represents things like being small yet mighty (I work on my own), but the truth is I’m a big advocate for silliness and just liked how it sounded. I am a fan of the animals themselves, but my top choices of Otters & Squirrels doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! I could have gone for Raccoons & Red Pandas but that would have just been weird.

Sarah Edmonds

What work will you be showing this winter?
My work is mostly about designs that raise a smile and bring a little joy. I’ll be showing a range of illustrative prints and greetings cards, along with a range of gift items and, for the first time, cheeky wrapping paper designs.

Alex Bamford

Alex, can you tell us about your photographic work and your interest in collections?
Much of my photographic work is influenced by my background in graphics. My series of collections celebrate the tiny differences between the things we assume to be identical.

GRD Design

Which other artists will be exhibiting alongside you in your Open House?
There are 11 of us in total. We have jewellery from Hello Terry and Laura Danby, accessories from We Are Mountain and GRD Design, homewares from From Brighton With Love and Sarah Edmonds, printmaking from Anna’s Drawing Room, tree decorations from Andrea Gregory, and clothing from Hello Dodo. It’s a really fabulous mix of modern, colourful and graphic artists and makers.

Hello Dodo

Take a sneak peak at


What are you most looking forward to in taking part in the Winter Artists Open Houses?
This is our first time taking part in the Winter festival. We’re hoping to create  a cosy, relaxed shopping experience and, after a couple of year’s break, really looking forward to welcoming visitors again into our home.

Laura Danby

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
We’re so excited for it to start!

Visit: 21a Brunswick Square
Hove, BN3 1EJ