New England House returns – with 38 artists!

Welcome back the Christmas Artists Open Houses! How many artists in how many studios will be taking part at New England House Open Studios Christmas?
We have more than 38 artists exhibiting this year. Some stalls will be in the spaces around the lifts and wide corridors leading up to the open studios of the resident artists and makers.

NEH Artist –  Rhys Wootton

New England House provides a great Christmas shopping opportunity  – will there be gifts suitable for all the family? 
Yes, we have a diverse range of Christmas gifts from ceramics, stationery, calendars, clothing, jewellery, homeware items and greeting cards, to fine art prints, drawings and paintings.


Are there any workshops or other visitor activities?
Visitors can get a glimpse of the studio facilities and explore this unique 1960’s industrial building, but we are not running any activities.


 NEH Artist  – Peter James Field

What are your top-tip ‘must see’ things for visitors this year?
New England House is a unique building with a vibrant atmosphere. It is a creative hub in central Brighton and the home of many recognised artist and makers. The Christmas Open Studios are the only time in the year visitors can explore the building and discover it’s occupants and their work.


 NEH artist- Patrick Edgeley

When are the New England House studios open?
We open our doors to the public on Friday 7th December 11-8, Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th December 11-6. One weekend only!


Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Many artist and makers will hold a special Christmas studio sale. Visitors can buy directly from the artists and makers, in some cases at special prices. It’s really worth while to visit all exhibiting floors and see as much as possible.


 NEH artist- Nangl Knits 


 NEH artist – Nicole Snepp

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New England House Open Studios
New England House, New England Street, Brighton