New to Open Houses Relish Art Studio presents four female family members

Welcome to the Artists Open Houses – is this the first time you have taken part?
Hello and thank you for having us! As a group, we’re newbies! But Bry, Sarah, Kate and I all have our own different experiences to add to the pot.

Bryony, my cousin, used to frequently take part in the Brighton Artists Open Houses and it really helped establish her career in her earlier days; she’s a huge advocate! A pioneer in textile sculpture she’s since exhibited her Textile Menagerie widely and her workshops are in huge demand; earlier this year she was invited to Australia to do a 5 week workshop tour.

Sarah, my auntie, has been running The Studio at Stansted House, a working pottery, in Hampshire with my uncle Martin and auntie Bec for the past 15 odd years and their door is always open. She’s an accomplished and talented potter and has recently retired after 17 years as an art lecturer.

Bronwen and Winnie by Bryony Rose Jennings

Kate, my mum, works from her studio at home in Bosham (just down the road from Sarah and Bry!) and has opened her house and studio on many occasions and exhibited her work widely. She’s a talented graphic designer, illustrated children’s books and has had prints of her cards published in London and distributed worldwide.

Mum and I actually worked together as Creative Director and Marketing Director respectively, for the non-profit charity and art prize, National Open Art (NOA). Over the years, we’ve organised several major group exhibitions showcasing the work of hundreds of UK and Irish artists for the annual competition at venues such as the Royal College of Art and Somerset House and most recently the 21st National Open Art Exhibition at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s Southbank.

Before NOA and various other career paths in business and marketing, I gained my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art at the University of East London specialising in textiles, print and sculpture. It’s taken almost a decade and an inspiring dinner party to realise where I belong, back in the studio! Relish Art Studio was born on the 16th April and my mission is to create meaningful, sustainable and affordable art and donate a percentage of all sales to charities relative to the series. My current charity is Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change.

So, between the four of us, we make a great team. And we literally never stop laughing!

Gerry the Toucan by Clo Barrett Relish Art Studio

Your studio is comprised of four female family members – would you like to tell us a little more about yourselves and how you all came to work together.
I am lucky to come from a giant family of extraordinary creatives. We are artists, printmakers, potters, knitters, sculptors, graphic designers, interior designers, architects, musicians, draughtsman, writers, and professors. And this all started when a group of us were camping in France back in August. Around the camp fire with French wine and cheese (and more wine!) I mentioned to Bry that I was doing the Christmas Artists Open Houses and I was totally flattered and over the moon when she asked if she could join me! We beckoned for more family to join us and with Sarah and Kate coming on board we found the four female family members!

New Paths Miniature Abstract Painting by Kate Thorpe

Do you all work in very different media?
Yes, it’s really exciting to be representing, through Relish Art Studio, pop-art prints, functioning ceramic wear, textile sculptures and miniature abstract paintings. I am proud and honoured to be surrounded by these amazing talented women and their beautiful work. You really are in for a treat!

What are you most looking forward to and hoping will result from taking part in the Artist Open Houses?
I am most looking forward to representing mum, Sarah and Bry and welcoming guests into my and Tom’s home to enjoy the whole experience. There’ll be chilled jazz (and maybe the odd Christmas song!) something boozy keeping warm on the stove and a wonderful variety of work to choose from.

We are having a Private View on Friday 23 November from 6 – 9 PM and everyone’s invited! Just please secure your spot (because I don’t have a very big house!) on Eventbrite here.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
This Christmas, please support the artists opening up their houses; buy local, buy handmade, buy from people you know and buy from the self-employed. Big shops don’t do a little “jig” when they make a sale… Make someone “jig’ this Christmas…

Sarah Sykes Ceramic Lamps

Relish Art Studio
43 Toronto Terrace, Brighton, BN2 9UX