NHS Children’s Activity Pack

Ruth Charity, NHS Arts Coordinator, www.hospitalcharity.co.uk has asked AOH to share the following message with our artists. Contact Ruth with any ideas you would like to share for simple printable ideas activities for adults or children recovering in hospital.

Dear Artist Friends

I do hope you are all keeping well and safe in these surreal and unsettling times.

In the current crisis there are so many patients in hospital who are receiving no visitors, and are worried and feeling isolated.

In certain children’s wards all toys have been removed for infection control reasons and the only resources available are pens and paper for single use.

I’m therefore preparing downloadable material which can either be printed out or delivered direct to wards with pencils and crayons as single use packs for patients.

If you have the time and felt able to create an activity for an A4 sheet we’d love to include it – whether a colouring sheet, the start of a doodle, an idea to share or a game to play with other patients, to help alleviate boredom and take people’s minds off their fears.

We’re developing two packs – one for children ‘What can you do with a piece of paper’ and one for adults.

I’m also part of a national Arts Managers network so we’ll be sharing these ideas with other hospitals across the country to support patients.

Thank you!”
Please send your contributions to: [email protected]