Nick Carrick talks about his Open House ‘A Journey From Hove to Sagra’

Welcome to the Artists Open Houses – is this the first time you have taken part?
I have exhibited in a couple of group shows that were curated by Perdita Sinclair and another with Colin Day

Fig Tree,(tree of life)

Your Open House is called A Journey From Hove to Sagra. Can you tell us more about this journey and the work you have produced resulting from it?
The show is about the importance of escape and how the notion of ‘getting away’ is so important in our psyches as human beings.  My Personal journey to Spain to the same ‘Sagra’ place spanning a period of ten years is documented through first response pastel works on paper and paintings that are more from memory as these are painted in my studio in Hove.

Alongside the paintings what else will you be showing in your Open House.
Pastels on paper framed and unframed, a studio sale with various works on paper that span ten years.

Mount Montgo,pastel on paper

What/who are your main inspirations and influences?
In the run up to this particular show I have been focusing on artists that have found inspirations from traveling to other places such as Gauguin, Van Gogh and their Arles experience, Peter Doig and Chris Offili in Trinidad and Tobago. Bomberg’s travels to Spain and the Spanish landscapes of Wyndham J. Tryon, as well as the inhabitants and history of Spanish art such as El Greco, Goya, Miro, Picasso.

What are you most looking forward to and hoping will result from taking part in the Artist Open Houses?
I hope the show is well received and people understand the concept of the show. Some of the work is very reasonably priced for Christmas and I hope that people can take away a small part of my experience of Spain with them.

Avilla at night with mountain in the background

A villa at night with mountain in the background

A Journey From Hove to Sagra
69 Grange Road, Hove, BN3 5HW