Phoenix exhibition space offer to AOH artists

Phoenix Window Gallery (available April and May)

Window Gallery is available for the month of April, at the  special rate to AOH artists of £500 (+£150 refundable after derig).

The schedule:

Install: 27-28 March (10.00 -17.00)

Open to public: 30 March – 28 April; Wed -Sun 11.00-17.00 and during Canvas Café opening hours

Opening event TBC

Derig: 29 -30 April

  • Hirers are responsible for setting up and taking down the exhibition returning the space to a good condition.
  • They will need their own tools for this but we will provide with materials for filling and painting afterwards.
  • They will also handle their sales but we will not be taking any commission on them.
  • They can also hold a 2 hours opening event.

Window Gallery is available for the month of May, at the  special rate to AOH artists of £800 (+ £150 refundable after derig.)


Phoenix Project Space

The Project Space is available during May. We are ideally looking for a three week exhibition. This space is available at the special rate to AOH artists of £700 a week (+£150 refundable after derig).

The schedule: 

Install: 2nd -3rd May

Open to public: Saturday 4th – Sunday 19th May (Wednesday – Sunday 11:00 – 17:00)

Opening event TBC

De-rig: Monday 20th May

  • We are open to conversation about length of exhibition.
  • As in the Window Gallery, artists are responsible for setting up and clearing the space.
  • They can also hold a 2 hour opening event.
  • This room has a Projector and Speakers for them to use during the exhibition if desired.