Photographer Tim France talks about his Booth Museum project – on show in Number 10 Open House


Hi Tim, your project working with the Booth Museum sounds really interesting. Can you tell us a bit about both the museum itself and about your project?
I got in touch with the people at the Booth after hearing from a friend that they had a new curator who was going to start a massive overhaul of the collections. We had a chat and I was invited to check out behind the scenes, it was amazing! There is so much there that is not on show. It’s a bit like the last scene of Indiana Jones In “Raiders of the Lost Ark” back there. They’ve got some really special and rare stuff. These pictures are to help raise the Profile of the Museum and show the world class collections that can’t be seen due to the compact size of the place. Percentages of sales will go back to the Museum to help them with the excellent work they do.

How does this project relate to your usual photographic practice?
I have been shooting more Fine Art work over the last couple of years as a personal progression. It is a departure for me in terms of subject matter but I have gone about the images as though they were standard studio portraits in terms of lighting etc.

Has working on this project made a difference to the way in which you work or think about your work?
Yes, it has made me shoot in a more considered and methodical way. I have been tweaking lighting techniques with a view to the finished images, which are on metal and very reflective,

So the lighting has become more “High Key”. Also I have been veering towards the weirder parts of the collections because I want people to ask themselves what it is they have just seen and gaze at them more.

Image: Mesquite Sand Dunes

Did the circumstances of lockdown have an impact on your work?
Massively. Work almost completely dried up last year so having  stuff like this to work on and the luxury of time was fortunate.


Where will we be able to see the results of your project?
I will be showing them in November 2021 in a dedicated show, but for now a few of them are on show in AOH from May – June. People can find them on my website , but they really should be seen in situ to get the full effect of the Chromaluxe panels, they look great.

Image: Joshua Tree 


Can you tell us a little more about the Open House you will be exhibiting your work in?
Art at Number Ten in Palmeira Square curated by the wonderful Janie Ranger, who has been so supportive of all the artists there. All of us were primed for this last year, then lockdown brought it all to a halt just before the shows were going to kick off. Janie has helped us all get it all together this year with the minimum of trouble, taking care of behind the scenes stuff to make it as seamless as possible. She deserves big ups. I was there today and the venue is looking great. There will be 16 artists showing, no mean feat.

Image: Road To Keeler


Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Yes. Please come and support AOH in Brighton and Hove, it will be very rewarding experience. Over 1000 artists are showing across the city and after such a tough year it will be lovely to see everyone coming out in numbers supporting us all. Take a day or two to check the shows it’ll be worth it.

See Tim’s work at:
Number 10
10 Palmeira Square, Hove  BN3 2JB
In the Brunswick Town Trail  

Manic Botanic
Janie Ranger