Photography as Social Practice

Exhibition of radical photography at SEAS – Socially Engaged Art Salon

Part of Brighton Photo Fringe.

Opening October 1st 16:00-18:00 (including a opening speech by the Mayor Of Brighton, Pete West)

Talks and workshops October 15th 16:00-18:00

Opens throughout October every Monday, Friday, Saturday 12:00-18:00


Socially engaging photography exhibit juxtaposing identity with global conflicts and their impact on communities. New photographic practices from the UK, Europe & the Middle East will shed light on overlooked realities – from LGBT rights, the Palestinian struggle to refugee crisis.

Some of the works in the exhibition where exhibited before at the Turner Contemporary, Margret, the Royal Academy, London, and in international newspapers and magazines.

The exhibition includes a new series of photographs by the celebrated Israel-Palestinian photography collective ActiveStills and the photo journalist Michaela Whitton that are used as a mock tourist campaign by the Israeli Tourist Ministry. While the series invite people to visit Israel the photos in the posters and postcards shows the evils of the occupation and the Palestinians’ struggle for independence. The postcards will be distributed thought the festival to visitors and will be sent as a Jewish Happy New Year greeting cards to members of the Parliament.

Hummingbird Collective will show “Be In Their Shoes” – a photography project documenting life in the refugee camps near Calais and Dunkirk in northern France. The photographer Jeta B is a Hummingbird volunteer herself and has been documenting our work since October 2015. The series reveals not only the horrendous conditions in these camp but also it is a commentary on the complexities and ethical issues of documenting the everyday life of refugees.

Estabrak Al-Ansari, an Iraqi decent former refugee, based in Oman and the UK will exhibit large scale works from her project ‘Omanis Under Water’ which was exhibited the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.  Using water as a representation of the environment and current societal choices of local norms, Estabrak examines underlying discourses that constitute Oman’s society, through a lens ignored by many.  The use of Omani’s placed in water reveal parts of Omani’s society that uniformed clothing were always made to hide.

Gil Mualem Doron, who specialized in socially engaged art practices, will exhibit a series of photographs from 21 cities around the world documenting via image and short narratives the ways in which marginalized communities inhabit and transforms urban and semi-urban spaces. Mualem-Doron, presented his work at the National Gallery, London, The Turner Contemporary, Margate, The Children and Sport Museum in Colon, and in several books and art magazines.

On the 15th of October between 16:00-18:00 the participant artists will give short illustrated talks about their works, and present short films.

The exhibition will include two workshops – one by Sinna1 the graffiti artist who will show how to transform photographs into a centile graffiti. The other workshop will be an opportunity to take part in the project the New Union Flag – a proposal to change the Union Jack into a more inclusive and historically accurate representation of Great Britain. The project has been exhibited this summer at the Turner Contemporary and attracted hundreds of participants the past two years.

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