Press Release – July 2021



Following a hugely successful festival that saw hundreds of artists across Brighton, Hove and beyond opening their houses and studios to exhibit and sell their works, The Artists Open Houses are proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Festival Awards.

There were four awards: Best Open House 2021, Artist of the Year 2021, Photographer of the year 2021 and Brochure Cover Artist 2022.

The winners are:

Best Open House 2021                       Faye Bridgewater

Artist of the Year 2021                       Faye Bridgewater

Photographer of the Year 2021          Ben Nazaroko

Brochure Cover Artist award 2022     Gary Goodman

Judy Stevens, Artists Open Houses Festival Director said, “The AOH 2021 Summer Festival has been a really important and successful one.  For visitors it has been a great opportunity to get out and reconnect with art and artists; to meet artists in their homes or studios and to share thoughts and ideas, which many have said has led to an increased sense of wellbeing. Visitors were keen to buy work and to support their local artist community, whom they recognise as vital to making Brighton and Hove the vibrant and creative city that it is. The AOH 2021 Award winners fully reflect the brilliance and variety of our city’s artists and makers.”

Faye Bridgewater said,  “I was overjoyed to be shortlisted for Artists Open Houses Awards alongside artists and photographers that I have looked up to for years. To win an award was the cherry on the cake but then to win a second one really was mind blowingly brilliant!”.

The nominees in full:

Best Open House Award 2021 -sponsored by Latest TV
Faye Bridgewater
12 Scott Road
Becky Blair
Nick Ford Studio

AOH Artist of the Year 2021 – sponsored by Gemini Print
Sarah Jones (Milton House, &2 Clyde Road)
Faye Bridgwater (Kemptown)
Trisha Keith (Bowley and Gallagher)

AOH Photographer of the Year 2021 – sponsored by Gemini Print
Ben Nazarko (358 Ditchling Road)
Anna Tinner (Princes Crescent Presents)
Matt Goddard (The Nature House, 113 Preston Drove)

Brochure Cover Artist 2022 – sponsored by Lawrences Art Supplies
Gary Goodman
alej ez
Ella Morris

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Notes to Editors
About Artist Open Houses
Brighton and Hove Artist Open Houses, the originator of the Open House movement, dates back to 1981 when an artist from the Fiveways area of Brighton, Ned Hoskins opened his house to the public to view his work, and that of a group of friends. Other artists in the area followed suit to form the Fiveways Artist Group. In a city full of creatives, the idea proved popular and soon Artist Open Houses sprung up all over the city.

The Artist Open Houses festival is now the largest event of its kind in the UK. Over 100 houses and studio spaces across the city open their doors for the main festival in May (June this year) and around 60 open during the Christmas festival. Over 2,000 artists and makers share their work and homes each year.