Serbian born artists, Margareta Jelic and Vladimir Jaksic, tell us about their work at Marine Court Open House

Vladimir Jaksic (right) – Quest for Vinca


Hi Margareta and Vladimir
We are delighted you are having an Open House this winter. You’ve taken part in AOH before but is this the first time you have opened your own house?

We are delighted that we are taking part in AOH this winter. We have taken part as guest artists in House of Qualia Open House in May 2019 during the Brighton Festival but now we have decided to open our studio flat for the first time.


Margareta Jelic – painting


Would you like to tell us about your backgrounds and where you are from?
Vladimir: I am born in Serbia and I came to England in 2003 where I continued my education and in 2010 I graduated in Performance and Visual Art in Brighton with the short film Rakija Western. I am currently working on the documentary Quest for Vinca.

Margareta: I am Serbian born artist and I have exhibited internationally for more than 20 years. In September 2020 I have moved to Brighton after I was endorsed by Art Council England to receive Global Talent Visa.


Margareta Jelic – with painting 


Margareta, your work includes many disciplines -would you like to tell us about them and ways in which they interact with one another?
My work includes painting, installation, video, animation and sound. I usually work in more than one media for my art projects and/or exhibitions. For my last exhibition in Margate, July 2021, I was working on paintings and animations at the same time. I find very interesting and inspiring when one media transforms into another, I started this research with video which transformed into paintings and animations, also some animations frames were my starting point for new paintings.


Frame from animation


Vladimir, you are a performance artist and movie maker. Can you tell us more about this – do you perform in your own films?
Yes, I act in my films and participate in all the steps of creating a work from start to finish. I enjoy the process of creation and the feeling of belonging …

Scene from filming Rakija Western


Will you be showing film and performance in your Open House? If so, will there be particular timings for performances?
I will present at this occasion the show reel of my video works and movie trailers. There will be no performances this time.

Marine Court Visual Art


What are you most looking forward to about doing an Open House?
We are looking forward to show people the works that we have done in last few years, since 2019 and to meet other artists during the AOH festival.

Marine Court Visual Art

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?
Marine Court Visual Art is new Open House and we are happy that we are part of Kemp Town trail. We are looking forward to welcome visitors at our studio, they can find us on the map, it’s number 3.


Margareta Jelic- Untitled


Visit Marine Court Visual Art  at:
Flat 4 Marine Court, 17 Marine Parade, Brighton, BN2 1TL

Find out more about Margareta and Vladimir’s work: