Venue 26 – William Collier House BYMCA

William Collier House BYMCA is opening its door for one day only, this Saturday the 10th of December. This is the first time they have taken part in Artists Open Houses.
Hélène Begg tells us more about the exhibition and what they are most looking forward to on Saturday:
“We will have a broad selection of artworks on display, from amateur work to very experienced and talented artists. The running thread is that vulnerably housed men and women use very diverse medium to express themselves, their inner struggles and past difficulties. Most of the artists who will be showing their work use art as a coping strategy to manage their mental health or substance misuse in a proactive way.
Stephen Mundy’s and Adrian’s Ore’s paintings are among my highlights. Stephen exhibited at the Southbank Centre and Adrian won a prize for a beautiful landscape painting he exhibited at William Collier House in May.
Our venue is a home. You may see residents, you will probably meet the artists and you will have the opportunity of having a piece of home-made cake if you fancy something sweet too.
Opening our doors to the public is always exciting. I look forward to artists having interactions with the public and getting a chance to talk about their work.”
Image and copy: Heidi Kuisma @HeidiKuisma